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Main Store

(1,500): Adds 15% to PL.
Backpack (1,000):
Allows you to hold up to 15 items.
Capsule Case (500):
Stores capsules. Must have before buying any capsules.
- Radar Capsule (500):
Takes 2 days from finding an item.
- Suicide Capsule (500):
Sends you to Next Dimension or Hell.
- Smoke Capsule (500):
Allows you to escape from battle.
Dragon Radar (500):
Finds a dragonball in 8 days.
Changes your alignment...
- Light (500):
Evil > Neutral > Good
- Shadow (500):
Good > Neutral > Evil
Spacepod (1,000):
Travel to any planet in 4 days. 1 Person.
Sword (1,000):
Adds 10% to PL. 20% with Swordsmanship.
Toxic Dart (3,000):
Slowly drains your opponents health if hit. 5% every 5 mins. hold only 1 at a time.


Booster- 500 zeni- This enhancement takes 1 day off, traveling to another Planet.(can only use up to 2, can only use with spacepods)
Thrusters- 1,000 zeni-
takes 1 day off, traveling to another planet, (can only use up to 2, and only capatible with Spaces ships)
Gravity Enhancement- 2,000-
Adds another 5% to spaceships, giving a total of 10% per 2 days of training.

Team Items

Small Training Room
(8,000) Attaches to your base, adds 5% to your PL for Training(5% every 2 days) as long as your on the same planet that your team base is on.

Med. Size Training Room
(9,000)  Attaches to your team base, adds 7% to your PL for Training ( 7% every 2  days) as long as your on the same planet that your base is on.

Giant Training Room
(10,000) attaches to your team base, adds an Extra 10% to what you gain when training in your base.

Main Computer
(4000) Gives you a 2% PL  bounus if you are training on the same planet your base is on, also when flying to another planet in a spaceship or spacepod, pick the subsection that you would like to land on.

Sayian Tail Grow Machine
(15,000) Grows a Saiyans tail back. (SAIYANS ONLY!)

(20,000) Prevents enemys from entering the sub-section that your base is on and greatly helps you in battle.

Pawn Shop
(Price = 100,000 zeni)
Treasury: 3,000


Training Clothes-
3000 zeni- Heavy Clothes that add  +3% to your PL during Idle/Group Training. (Cannot be used with Gravity Enhancements)

Weighted Bands-
500 zeni- Upgrades Training Clothes, adds +2% (Must have Training Clothes)

Spacepod - 700 zeni (1)