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Attacks and Techniques

Planet Earth
real days example- 2 real days= 4 game days
Fly-2 days
Buu Beam-8 days
Tri Beam-10 days
Swordsmanship-10 days
Tri Form- 8 days
Punch combo- 4 days
Kick Comb- 4 days (must know punch combo)
Masenko- 10 days
Chocolate Beam- 12 days
Burning Attack- 8 days
Pain Killer- 16 days
Solar Flare- 10 days
Spirit Ball- 10 days
Dragon Punch- 18 days
Controlled Scatter Shot- 6 days
Desturcto Disc- 14 days
Clear Shield- 6 days
KamiKazi- 16 days (planet destroyer)
Chouzu head but- 4 days
Wolf Fang Fists- 8 days
Multi Arms- 12 days
Energy Dragon- 20 days
Ghost Kamikazi- 20 Days
Impact Beam-10 Days

Strength Training-10 Days

Speed Training-10 Days

Agility Training-10 Days

Dr. Gero's Lab

Hells Flash- 18 days(Android Only)(Planet Destroyer)
Rocket Punch- 12 days (androids Only)
Android Base System- 14 days(Android Only)
Shockwave- 10 days
Assimilation- 12 days( Androids Only)
Blimp KamiKazi- 16 days
Fly- 2 days
Chip Upgrade- 20 days (Androids Only)
Energy Crusher- 10 days
Heat Seaker-10 days
Life Drain-12 days(Androids only)

Master Roshi Island

Kamehameha- 10 days
Super Kamehameha- 20 days (Must Know Kamehameha)
Burst of Speed- 10 days
Concentration- 20 days
Shape Shifting- 16 days
5 min. Shape Shifting- 6 days
Fly- 2 days

Kami's Sanctuary

Instant Transmission- 10 days
Mouth Beam- 4 days
Meditation- 10 days
Fusion- 4 days
Double Burst of Speed- 20 days (must know burst of speed)
Fly- 2 days

Planet Namek

Fly- 2 days
Growth-20 days
Special Beam Cannon- 18 days
Regeneration- 12 days ( Namek Only)
Eye Beam- 4 days
Mouth Beam- 4 days
Meditation- 10 days
Fire Starter- 20 day (Demons Only)
Self Destruct- 16 days
Triple Masenko- 14 days (needs 3 people to do)
Ancient Martial Arts- 12 days
Time Portal Technique- 16 days
Mystic Attack- 10 days
Rock Punch- 4 days
Flamethrower- 6 days
Multi-Shot- 10 days




Guru's Tower

Hidden Awakening- 16 days
Fly- 2 days
Vortex-20 days
KI Cuter-16 days
Fire From Above-16 days
Fiery Spirt-14 days
Electric Cannon-8 days
Healing- 18 days
Limb Stretch- 8 days (Namek Only)

Planet Vegeta

Punch Combo- 4 days
Kick Combo- 4 days (must know punch combo)
Big Bang- 16 days
Watch the Birdie- 8 days
Heat Seeker- 6 days
White Destruction- 12 days
Body Barrier- 16 days
Field Barrier- 6 days
Energy Disk- 6 days
Galactic donut- 20 days
Cannon Flash- 12 days
Ki Cutter- 16 days
Big Bang Kamehameha-30 days(must know big bang and kamehameha)(planet destroyer)
Fly- 2 days
Buster Cannon-6 days
Megaton Trow-6 days
Double Sunday- 8 days

Vegeta Ou's Castle

Gantlet Gun- 16 days
Oozaru Conrtol- 14 days (Saiyan Only)
Final Flash- 14 days
Big Bang Attack- 12 days
Moonball- 14 days
Fly- 2 days
Sayain Reflexes-6 days ( Saiyan Only)
Saiyan Pride- 14 days (Saiyan Only)
Saiyan Tail Strength- 6 days (Saiyan Only)
Kai Machine Gun-8 days

Planet Frieza

Stealth Force- 16 days
Fly- 2 days
Possibility Cannon- 12 days
Mouth Beam- 4 days
Imprisonment ball- 12 days
Metal Rage- 16 days
Eye beam- 4 days
Shenbomb- 16 days
Time Portal Technique- 16 days

Ginyu's Headquarters

Body Swap- 14 days
Crusher Ball-10 days
Recoome Boom-10 days

Freiza's Domain

Death Grip-14 days
Dark Force-10 days
Frieza Beam-10 days
Death Ball-18 days (Planet Destroyer)
Coolers Death Beam-18 days
Frog Form-20 days

Planet Yardack

Fusion- 4 days
Instant Transmission- 10 days
Fly- 2 Days
Aura Beam-10 days

Eye Cannon- 8 days

Planet Konackk

Fly-2 days
Instant Transmission- 10 days
Universal Transmission-20 days
Meditation- 10 days

Planet Immeka

Fly- 2 days
Punch Combo- 4 days
Kick combo- 4 days (must know punch)
Swordsmanship-10 days
Finger Beam- 4 days
Eye Beam- 4 days
Mouth Beam- 6 days

Next Dimension

Fly- 2 days
King Yamma's Head Lock- 14 days
Illusion- 18 days
Mystic Blast- 16 days
Mass Instant Transmission- 12 days (must know Universal)

North Kai's Planet

Spirit Bomb-20 days( Planet Destroyer, Must be Good, takes time to charge up, must more powerful than opponent to be successful)
Kaioken- 20 Days(6 days per level)
Ancient Grappling-14 days
Super Upgrade-20 days
Fly-2 days

South Kai's Planet

Neg Kaioken-20 days (Must be Evil)
Speed Upgrade-10 days
Strength Upgrade-10 days
Super Upgrade-20 days
Final Cut-(Must have a Sword and Swordsmanship) 18 days
Fly-2 days

Supreme Kai's Planet

Instant Transmission- 10 days
Universal Transmission-20 days(Must know Instant)
Mystic Control-18 days
Hurricane Combo-10 days
Hyper Tornado Attack-14 days
Thunder Flash-14 days


Stoned Saliva-16 days
Fire Starter-20 days (Demons Only)
Fly-2 days
Internal Weapon-16 days
Majin Control-18 days (Must be Evil)
Disintagration-14 days
Strength Upgrade-10 days
Speed Upgrade-10 days
More Attacks

For all charcters


Enerugii Kyuushuu: 8 days
Allows the androids to absorb their opponents energy and ki through holes on the palm of their hands.

Rocket Punch: 10 days
Android #16's massively powerful well-ranged attack technique.


Food Change: 20 days
Hungry but don't have any food in sight? Fear not, with the "Food Change" you can turn your opponents into edible delicacies. Bon Appetite!

Jinruizetsumetsukogeki: 20 days
An attack that fires multiple beams, each honing in on its own target.


Chonoryoku: 20 days
The Chonoryoku gives temporary control of a targetted opponent.

Jibaku: 10 days
Powerful self-destruction technique.


Daichiretsuzan: 12 days
An invisible beam that cuts through obstacles like a hot knife through butter.


Genki-dama: 12 days
One of Goku's favorite moves and most powerful attacks. The Genki-dama (spirit bomb) is a ball made from the ki of all life on a planety. The attack takes forever to charge and seeks out evil ki to target.

Hasshuken: 8 days
Ability for Goku to grow up to 8 arms for increased attacking ability.

Ryu-Ken: 10 days
Super powerful "dragon-fist" technique.


Kamikaze Ghost Attack: 20 days
Allows Gotenks to create several copies of himself (ghosts). Each ghost causes severe damage.


Mind Freeze: 10 days
Freezes the opponents in place.

Time Freeze: 15 dyas
Temporarily freezes time, stopping objects even in midair. When the move is performed however, one's breath must be held and if exhaled then time starts again.


Eraser Cannon: 10 days
Eraser Cannon-Ki Beam hot from the mouth.


Arm Extender: 6 days
This technique extends the arms of the user for a surprise attack/grab.

Chobakuretsumaha: 6 days
Creates a large energy blast that destroys everything standing in its way.

Gekiretsukodan: 8 days
A large spherical energy projectile.

Makankosappo: 12 days
A yellow, straight energy blast (with a spiraling one around it). Takes a little while to charge.

Tien: 12 days

Kikoho: 10 days
A powerful energy projectile that is almost impossible to doge and can be done only after excessive charging. Self-sacrificing.

Shinkikoho: 8 days
Tien's improved version of the Kikoho.

Shiyoken: 8 days
Gives Tien up to 4 arms for better, stronger, faster attacks.


Finish Buster: 8 days
A quick and powerful move used to finish off still-breathing opponents.


Bakuhatsuha: 10 days
A ball of energy generated around the person destroying everything in its area.


Bukujutsu: 10 days
Using one's ki to fly.

Chou Kame Hame Ha: 10 days
Stronger charged up Kame Hame Ha where the user drags the name out longer than regularly saying it. (ex. Kaaaaaammmmmeeeeeee Haaaaaammmmmeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.)

Chou Masenko: 8 days
Gohan's stronger Masenko, charged up. (The one he destroyed Cell with.)

Dodonpa: 10 days
Using one's ki to fly.

Fusion: 20 days
As a last resort, two similarly-powered warriors may "fuse" with one another. This is done by correctly doing a special "fusion dance" and then touching fingers. After 30 minutes however, the fusion is worn out and the single all-powerful warrior is reverted again to two less-powerful warriors.

Kakusandan: 10 days
A ki blast that fires into the air and then bursts into numerous fragments that rain down upon enemies.

Light Speed: 10 days
The person that uses this technique can travel the speed of light, thus making them invisible.

Renzoku Senkoudan: 8 dyas
Fires many, many ki packets that engulf the opponent and cause massive damage.

Shunkan Idou: 10 days
Instant teleportation done by placing fingers on forehead. They must, however, transport to a locale that has ki.

Taiyoken: 10 days
Initially used by Tien, the Taiyoken causes an intense bright light that blinds everyone around.

Telepathy: 6 days
Communication over long distances via the mind's power.

Zanzoken: 6 days
The ability to move so fast that the person leaves their image at a location while he is really elsewhere. "Blurring".


Move Descriptions Ancient Grappling: The user can use many holds and take downs on their opponent.

Ancient Martial Arts: This move gives the user the ability to use the fighting techniques of the elders of his/her race that came before him/her. This also makes the user able to think very quickly and sharply during battle by anticipating the enemies next move and knowing when and how to strike.

Agility Training: Dramatically increase agility, 30% to PL

Android Base System: Makes Androids Faster

Assimilation: Absorb a henchmen and take his power and items.

Aura Beam: Ball of light shot from the mouth

Big Bang Attack: A gigantic attack which creates a huge explosion when it hits the ground.

Big Bang Kamehameha: Must know Big Bang Attack and Kamehameha.

Blimp Kamikazi: A kamikazi attack which make you slowly expand until you explode.

Body Barrier: A barrier which covers the body.

Body Swap: Swap to another persons body for that battle.

Burning Attack: The user waves his/her arms around, extends them in front of his/her chest and emits a powerful beam.

Burst of Speed: Increase your speed.

Buster Cannon: A blast of ki which charges with both hands on opposite sides, then shoots the result at the opponent.

Buu Beam: Similar to the Kamehameha.

Cannon Flash: The user raises two fingers and creates a large explosion destroying the surrounding ground area.

Chip Upgrade: This enhancement will make the user have a chip installed into him, and it can be called upon anytime to double the users PL.

Chocolate Beam: This move turns the enemy into an edible desert. The user must be much more powerful than the enemy for this move to be successful.

Chouzu Head But: A powerful skull blow.

Clear Shield: An invisible shield that can block weak blasts of energy while the user charges up.

Concentration: This is a very power full move which makes the user's PL double in battle. (Human only)

Controlled Scatter Shot: The user fires a series of small energy blasts which he/she has control over.

Corpse Explosion: This move allows the user to make a henchmen or very weak people to explode.

Crusher Ball: A ball of ki which presses up against the enemy pushing them towards the nearest surface and smashing them into it at a high speed. The ball's explosion is weak, but the impact is damaging.

Dark Force: An invisible force of energy shot out from both palm's which can be used to knock back an enemy very far away and if strong enough, the user can knock the enemy unconscious or disintegrate him.

Death Ball: A gigantic attack which creates a huge explosion when it hits the ground.

Death Grip: A grip which makes it so the user cannot move for an attack.

Destructive Wave: An invisible wave of energy which destroys the terrain it passes through and can send an enemy flying.

Destructo Disc: A disc of energy that can slice through anything if the user is strong enough.

Detach: The user detaches a limb and uses it as a weapon against the enemy.

Disintegration: Blow your-self up while inflicting massive damage.

Double Burst of Speed: (must know Burst of Speed) This move allows the user to move at the speed of light, while leaving 2 blurred images.

Double Sunday: Looks like 2 kamehameha's shot from each hand. Not too powerful....

Dragon Punch: A very strong uppercut that can knock the enemy's head off depending on the user's strength.

Electric Cannon: The user converts ki into electrical energy and shoots this electricity at the target

Energy Crusher: This can be used two ways. The user can grab the enemy and by touching him/her to absorb their energy or the user can absorb any kind of energy blast.

Energy Disc: A smaller version of Distructo Disc.

Energy Dragon: Strong energy is released from one's palms in the form of a dragon.

Eye Beam: A beam of energy shot from the user's eyes.

Field Barrier: This move allows the user to form a fairly strong barrier of energy around him/her and/or others. The bigger the barrier becomes the weaker it becomes. Also the only way to get through the barrier is from somebody to break through it or if the user runs out of strength to keep it up.

Final Cut: Gives 20% to the user and improves ones skill with a sword.

Final Flash; A huge energy Beam which can destroy planets and anything in its path.

Fire Starter: This move makes the user turn in to a dragon, and double his PL in battle. (Demon Only)

Fire From Above: This causes a meteor to fall on the target.

Fiery Spirt: Hidden powers are unlocked and increases the persons PL by 25%.

Fly: The user is able to fly.

Freiza Beam: A small piercing beam like special beam cannon.

Frog Form: This move was first used by Zarbon against Vegeta on Planet Namek. This move turns you into a larger, stronger form of yourself, but your face looks sort of like a frog. Doubles PL in battle.

Fusion: To people becoming one. Their PL's are added together.

Galactic Donut: A string of ki attacks shaped like rings which surround the enemy like hoola hoops and trap him/her by holding and squeezing the limbs together.

Gallet Gun: A purple beam equal to the Kamehameha.

Gannon's Fury: This move takes some time to charge but when used in battle it will paralyze anything it hits.

Growth: Double PL for Nameks when used, but it does have its down falls. (User becomes enormous)

Ghost Kamikazi: The user of this move spits out a ghost like image of him or herself. Then the user controls the ghost's actions. ( The ghost cannot fire energy blasts but explodes on contact with anything it touches.) The user can control up to 5 ghosts at once.

Heat Seeker: Green ball of energy that follows the enemy's every move.

Hell's Flash: The arm detaches at the elbow, and the inside of the upper arm is revealed to house many missles. The missles are then fired at the target.

Hidden Awakening: Double PL and can only be done once.

Hurricane Combo: A strong and very fast punching and kicking combo which is almost impossible to block because of it's speed.

Hyper Tornado Attack: The user can create a tornado by placing two closed fists together.

Illusion: Creates a temporary illusion, distracting your opponent.

Impact Beam: A beam that explodes on impact.

Imprisonment Ball: A ball forms around the target from which the target cannot break out of.

Internal Weapon: The user of this move can turn a piece of his body into a weapon (axe, sword, etc, But no gun's, bombs or nukes) and pull it out of his/her body.

Instant Transmission: Transport to any sub-section you have been on, on the planet you are on.

Kaioken: A move which powers the user up (see chart in rules page).

Kai Machine Gun: This technique allows the user to shoot multiple blasts of ki at an opponent

Kamehameha: A powerful ki blast which the user has control of.

Kamikazi: The user self-destructs killing themselves and the enemy.

Ki Blast: A blast of ki from the user's hands.

Kicks Combo: A series of powerful kicks.

Ki Cutter: Sharp extendable energy, shaped as a sword and can extended for as long as the user wants.

King Yemma's Headlock: This move is a headlock which can either allow the user to make his enemy humiliatingly submit to his/her power, or be used to rip off the enemy's head if the user is strong enough.

Life Drain: The user sucks ki and life out of opponent through sensors in the palm.

Limb Stretch: A Namek will be able to stretch his limbs to great lengths.

Megaton Throw: The user swings the opponent around above their head then slams them into the ground.

Majin Control: Powers a person up by 50%, but can only be done once and by evil people.

Mass Instant Transmission: (must know universal) This move allows the user and up to 10 people to travel to a planet that he/she has already been to.

Masenko: A powerful beam of energy released from the user's palms while lifted over his/her head.

Meditation: PL is doubled permanently. Can only be done once.

Metal Rage: The users becomes enraged and his/her body hardens making punches and kicks much more painful and damaging on impact.

Moonball: A large ball of energy which upon seeing it, makes Saiyans turn Oozaru.

Mouth Beam: A beam is shot out from the mouth. The beam is as big as the mouth it is shot out of.

Multi Arms: The user is able to sprout an extra pair of arms.

Multi Shot: The user of this move shots a long chain of multiply energy blats at the enemy.

Mystic Blast: This is a big and very powerful blast which instead of using energy, the user uses electricity.

Mystic Control: Powers good or neutral people up 50% and can only be done once.

Neg. Kaioken: The same as Kaioken except only evil people can use this.

Neg. Spirit Bomb: The same as Spirit Bomb except only evil people can use this.

Oozaru Control: The user (Saiyan only) is able to control themselves while in Oozaru form.

Pain Killer: This move causes the enemy to stop in his or her tracks and feel horrible internal pain.

Possibility Cannon: A blast from the user's palm which varies in destructive force.

Punches Combo: A series of powerful punches.

Regeneration: The user has the ability to instantly create new limbs in order to replace lost ones, the head must be in-tact.

Rocket Punch: The user's hand becomes a projectile flying towards the enemy, hitting him/her, and then returning to his/her arm.

Saiyan Reflexes: Any saiyan who learns this move will be able to dodge most physical attacks.

Saiyan Pride: Doubles a Saiyans PL in battle.

Saiyan Tail Strength: A Saiyan is able to strengthen his tail, ridding it of its weakness to pressure.

Self-Destruct: A level up from Disintegration, but more powerful.

Solar Flare: A powerful flash of light fueled by the sun, used to temporarily blind the enemy.

Shape-Shifting: This move allows the user to shape-shift into any thing he/she wants to for as long as he/she whishes. But the user still has the same PL he/she had before the shape-shifting.

Shape-Shifting (5 minute): Same as shape shifting but only lasts for 5 minutes.

Shenbomb: The user creates a small ball of ki in his/her hands which can then be thrown at the enemy, similar to a grenade, exploding after two to three seconds.

Shockwave: Prevents opponents from attacking.

Special Beam Cannon: The user puts his/her two fingers on his/her head, points forward, and unleashes a powerful beam.

Speed Training: Dramatically increase your speed, adds 30% to PL

Speed Upgrade: Makes you faster and you get 30% to PL.

Spirit Ball: A large ball of energy gathered from all living things which the user can direct with his/her fingertips.

Spirit Bomb: A large, very powerful and highly explosive ball of energy that can kill just about anything. Also, this move takes a while to charge, because the user must gather energy from all living things around him/her. Only good people can use this.

Swordsmanship: This user becomes more aggressive if he/she owns a sword. This also adds a 10% power level boost if the user owns a sword.

Stoned Saliva: This move allows the user's spit to turn a person into stone. (The person is only a statue for one battle).

Stealth Force: The user runs towards the enemy and disappears in front of him/her. The user then has two seconds before being seen again to deliver as many blows as possible to the enemy.

Strength Training: Dramatically increase your strength, 30% to PL

Strength Upgrade: Makes you stronger and you get 30% to PL. Androids Only

Super Kamehameha: VERY Strong Kamehameha (Planet Destroyer).

Super Upgrade: This is a combination of strength upgrade and speed upgrade you get 60% to PL (Must have Strength and Speed Upgrade).

Thunder Flash: Like burning attack, the user moves his arms around before firing any kind of blast. Once this is done, a very powerful and very hot wave of destructive fire comes out from the users two closed fists.

Time Portal Technique: The user creates a time portal that allows himself or herself to transport energy blasts and him/herself to different areas.

Tri Beam: A strong triangular beam of energy with the potential to do great damage.

Tri Form: The user is able to split his/herself into a total of 3 weaker forms.

Triple Kamehameha: The user splits into three forms and each fires a Kamehameha. This can also be used if you and two others combine your Kamehamehas.

Universal Transmission: (must know instant) May travel anywhere, including the Next Dimension!

Vortex: This allows the user to create a portal of any size that can let objects, blasts and people into it. It also lets the same things in it, out in a different location. (This cannot be on a different planet or subsection).

Watch the Birdie: This is a small ball of energy that fly's at your opponent at an incredibly fast rate. Once it hits your opponent, it opens up into a very large ball, that deals allot of damage to the opponent.

White Destruction: This move starts off with the user throwing what seems to be a gust of wind to the ground. Then a huge circle of white light appears, which has the potential to destroy anything in it. Then a big beam of the same kind of energy shoots out towards the sky.

Wolf Fang Fist: The user crouches down like a wolf and runs at top speed towards the enemy in order to deliver a bone shattering hit.