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Blaster- weapons used by friezas henchman that realeases a tiny energy blast upon shot.

capsules- This nifty item allows huge things and small things to be stored into a tiny capsule that can fit into your palm easy. to open it you press the top and throw it away from you, the bigger it is the farther you should throw so it doesn't fall upon you.

Dragonball radar- radar used by Goku and the z-team to track down the dragonballs.

Gravity room- used to intensify training by adding more weight towards the ground making it hard to train let alone stand up.

BlackStar Dragonball Radar- The Dragonball radar was accidently swallowed by gill. So now the radar could effeciently locate the blackstardragonballs.

Flying Nimbus- ever wish you could fly? well with this you can get pretty close to it as it allows you to relax on a flying cloud.

scouter- used to detect powerlevels

Saiyan Spaceship- Not any ordinary spaceship, this is a tightly compressed ball shaped ship. Its form allows for quick traveling.

Brute Ray- Invented by bulma this item allows you to turn ssj4 without having to go through the real process of the ssj4 transformation.

Time Capsule- A device used to travel through time.

Android detonate remote- well it doesn't really detonate but I couldn't find out the real name. What it does is it turns off android 18 withing 6 feet of reach of the android.

Magical Stick- used earlair in the db-dbz stages which allows the stick to extend at any lenght at will of the carrier.

senzu beans- Beans eaten to restore a fighters health. It is very good in battle, but it takes a little bit of time for the process to take toll.

Crystal Ball- Fortune telller's crystal ball was used to show gohans battle with cell.

Z-Zet sword- the Z-Zet sword is used by gohan in the primary dbz. In the future Gohan dies and Trunks uses it. The Z-Zet sword is extremely lethal.