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pwer ups
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Power Ups

KI absorption
This power up allows a warrior to absorb their opponent's KI power and add it to their own, thus increasing their internal power. Android 19 and 20 are capable of doing this. They have red ports in the center of their palms to absorb the KI energy to their body. There are two ways to absorb KI:
1) By placing the red censor on the opponent's body
2) By placing the red censor in front of a KI blast attract. Yakon is also able to absorb KI blasts through his mouth. This is perhaps the main weaknesses of the two androids as they must rely on other warriors to supply them with KI energy during battle. It also allowed their opponents to manipulate the power that they absorbed, thus rendering it useless.

Transformation by absorption and assimilation
This transformation allows a warrior to become more powerful and intelligent in battle thus absorbing their strength as well as their characteristics. The method of this power up is by taking in and absorbing a host and storing him/her within the body. Cell and Majin Buu are notorious for this power up. With the artificial being Cell, he was able to absorb Android 17 and 18 though his tail, and transform into a higher level warrior. For more information on Cell's transformation you may read his entry in the Technology Guide. Majin Buu was able to absorb any host with the a detached piece of himself.

Some warriors maintain a form that controls and minimizes the use of their energy (or KI) and may seem pleasing to the eye. When that same warrior is unable to defeat an opponent in it current state, it makes a transformation to phacilitate the expansion of more power and energy (or KI). <BR.
Transformation is also sometimes used to free up anything that may block a warrior's path whether it may be mental or physical. Freeza can transform into four different states, Zarbon can transform into two different states, and Majin Buu can transform into many multipe states Transformation by physically changing.

Fusion is the combining of two warriors into one more powerful warrior. The result is a fighter with a combination of the warriors characteristics. There are three ways Fusion can be accomplished:
Fusion Dance: While spending time in the afterlife Goku learned this technique. In order to enact fusion, the two warriors must have similar power, build, and size, and the two must perform what is called the "fusion dance" in which they must mirror each other. When done properly , the result is a warrior that is more powerful than the two separated. If any of the procedures is done improperly, the result can be in a defective fusion. This type of fusion can only last for 30 minutes, after that the warriors will return to their normal self's. There is no known way to end the Fusion before the allotted 30 minutes.
Porta Earrings: The second way to perform fusion is to use the Kaioshin's porta earrings. Required is a set of Kaioshin's porta earrings, in which each of the two warriors must place one earring on the opposite ear. This method can only be used once in a lifetime. With this method there is no dance required and the fusion is permanent (Goku and Vegita were able to separate inside Majin Buu).
Nameck-seijin fusion: This fusion is more like absorption where there is a base and a host. The host places his hand on the base and performs the technique, merging with the base. The base stays the same physically and personality wise, but inherits the power, knowledge and some of the characteristics from the host. Usually the host's KI signature can be sensed from the base, even though the base physically looks the same.

Super Saiyan
The Super Saiyan is a transformation and power up that increases the capacity of a warrior. To achieve Super Saiyan, the warrior must be at least part Saiyan, posses enough power to surpass the normal level of the Saiyan, and have a pure heart. Anger and rage triggers a transformation that allows the body to handle more power and speed. After initially transforming into a Super Saiyan, it becomes easier each additional time. Hybrid Human and Saiyan children tend to be more flexible to the transformation. The physical transformation includes the hair turning golden blond, and eyes turning green. There are several forms of Super Saiyan and they must be achieved different ways.

When a Saiyan's eyes are exposed to the light of the full moon, he involuntarily transform into a large ape that increases his power X100. The warrior must have a tail in order to transform. If the warrior is young and has little experience in this form, it will be hard for him/her to control his/hers state of mind and will ravage uncontrollably. It takes age and constant training to be able to sustain sanity and control in this form.

This power up was created by the North Kaio who taught it to Goku in the afterlife. The technique powers up the user to the point where he/she can move faster and hit harder. The biggest drawback from this power up is that it can wear down the body if over used. Kaio-Kens can reach multiply levels, depending on the strength of the users body. In the beggining Goku could barely complete a Kaio-Ken 5X, but when he fought Freeza he could pull off 50X Dai Kaio-shin's power up (mystic power up) This power up is achieved by Dai Kaio-shin's special technique using various honing methods to make a warrior more powerful. The result is a tremendous increase in power, speed and battle prowess (similar to the power up of a Super Saiya-jin, but without the anger and emotions). Gohan was able to increase his power without the assistance of a Super Saiyan transformation. He became so powerful that he didn't need to transform to increase his power. The power up also changes the attitude and mental stability of the warrior.